Fall 2009 – Hopes

Like I menteioned previously, today is my last day of vacation. Tomorrow it’s back to work and, in a way, fall begins tomorrow. The weather doesn’t really matter, but mentally it is a new season. Time for new goals and projects. I have started working on my goals for fall 2009:

I want to have a warderobe I like. I must be better at coordinating things, making outfits. I want new clothes as well, I must think through my purchases, dare more and not just go for the things I always go for. Of course my goal is to sew some clothes as well, but that will be a post of its own.

I will get going with my exercise. Boyfriend will run the Porto Marathon in November, I have signed up for the 6 km race. My goal is to run it under 39 minutes (Two years ago I ran a 6.1 km race in 39.17 so my goal is to beat that time). I will try and find “my” sport, but I will not let it stop me, I will go to the gym until I can find “my” sport.

I usually stay up too late sleeping on the couch because I want to see something bad. I must go to bed on time, I’d rather read than watch crap. By going to bed on time I can read both before I fall asleep and on the bus, because I’m not busy catching up on my sleep on the bus.

I work for a German company so we have the option of taking German classes for free. I’ve been thinking of this since I started working there. I took German in high school, but it was my least favourite class and I haven’t kept it up since then. We went to Germany for our holiday to a place where noone spoke English. We managed to get by on our old German, but now I can feel that it would be fun to catch up on some German. The reason I’m a bit hesitant is that I think I will miss some classes, but I can hardly ever make it for a whole semester.

Work Goals:
I will keep up my work goals. I have my own bonus list, I will complete that as good as I can. I will not be afraid of asking for help and I want to take on tasks that will be a little challenging. And, obviously, continue with the work I do and develop that.

These are the goals I have set so far for what I want to do during the fall. I hope it will be an inspiring fall, with many challenges and I will become a happier, more centered person, focusing on myself and my relationships by the end of it. I don’t want to loose myself and my hobbies and I will try to set me time to do the things I like. I also want we time for me and boyfriend to just be the two of us and focus on us and our house. And friendships of course. The trap I most often fall into is getting stuck in front of the TV. I must break that habit!


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