Upcoming Projects

OK, I really wanted to add pictures of how I imagine my garments. But I suck at sketching. I can draw a picture for myself to remind myself of the look I want, but there’s no way I’m sharing. Not for fear of theft of my designs (which aren’t that unique, anyway) but I am that bad at drawing. It won’t help any more than the text descriptions. You are just going to have to wait and hopefully see.

Anyway yesterday I drafted the wrap skirt pattern, but I don’t have any fabric for it so it will have to wait. I also drew the mock wrap top from the pattern sheet, I have a fabric for that, so it’ll probably be my first project.

This is the jersey I will use for the wrap top. Hopefully it’ll work well with the pattern. It might be more winter than fall, but I have the fabric so I can get started.

I’ve had this Pucci-esque fabric for a very long time. I bought back when I just began sewing and knew nothing about fabrics. It’s a curtain fabric, but my stupid self thought I could use it for clothes. I haven’t found proper use of since, I’ve thought of selling it, but it seemed like more work than gain.

Anyway, I have now figured out what to do with it. I’m going to make an apron for myself. I haven’t really decided on the style, I’m checking out tutorials on the net. I, obviously, have an apron which, to be honest, is quite ugly. It would be fun to have a more personalised, flattering apron. So that’ll be a project too, also not necessarily season bound.


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