Esther, Maddy and Eitchy

While reading other people’s blogs about style and fashion, I usually end up cursing myself. Why haven’t cared before? Why can’t I find the lovely pieces?

Well, it’s not like I haven’t cared, it’s just that I haven’t had a style. I have just bought separates that look good invidually without thinking of “outfits”. I need to start bringing my warderobe together. Another thing is, I do care what others think. I wish I didn’t. I don’t want to feel to over-dressed. Therefore I have usually ended up wearing one piece that is eye-cathing while I’ve left the other neutral, for example a nice blouse with regular pants or a nice skirt with just a plain T-shirt.

I want to define me more. The problem is I don’t know what is me. My style changes with season, maybe I’m not the only one doing this, but I want my warderobe to feel more cohesive.

Anyway, with all of this in mind yesterday, I set out for the fabric store. Realising I wanted a bit more “rocker” inspired than “hippie” inspired, my purchases went that way. I’m not saying that I’m going to dress totally rocker, I still work in the corporate world, but I wish to draw elements from there and make them my own and appropriate.

Plaid and leather:

I was thinking of a plaid skirt with and assymetric waistline, but instead decided to do the plaid as a wrap skirt. I bought the faux leather intended to be belts on the wrap skirt, but I’m having a bit of doubts; I might make into a regular belt in stead, I need belts.

Soft sand knit:

This will be a cardigan, I think I might do Esther (and then I need a belt!). It’s really soft and cozy, so I’m sure this will be a very comfortable cardigan and hopefully still stylish.

Purple poplin:

This will be a Maddy top, which I will wear as a pullover. I wished to find a skirt fabric to match, the A-line assymetric waistband skirt, but I couldn’t find any at this time.

Star jersey:

This is definitely rocker influenced. The label says it’s navy, but it’s a very dark navy which almost looks black. This will be a regular t-shirt. This will be perfect top to spice up an outfit and I already see it under my sand cardigan, even for work.

I’m also thinking of doing some DIY accessories, but so far that’s just an idea. It would also be fun to do DIY Christmas gift (I picked up the Christmas catalogue at the fabric yesterday, that’s why my mind went there), but I’ll see how it goes. So many ideas this fall, I’m going to be busy.


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