First Autumn Day

It’s raining. It’s windy. This is definitely one of fall’s first days. They (as in meteorlogists) say it will be summer weather next weekend, but for now it’s fall. So how does one spend this day, this first fall day?

Cutting fabrics

Yes I use the floor. No table big enough in this household (and those tables would not be comfortable working on)

This is the last piece (excluding the facing, which isn’t a big piece) I’m cutting, and there’s plenty of fabric left. But not enough to make something else. Why do they over-estimate the fabric so much? I now have all this fabric and nothing to use it for.

Shoe shopping

I guess it’s impossible to buy just one pair of shoes, right?

For weekdays I live in sneakers. The ones I currently use broke and I needed to buy new ones. I like the white ones, but white doesn’t seem very practtical for fall so I chose the black ones, a bit more sturdy sneaker than I’m used to. However, the whites were really cheap so I bought them as well, they will rest in my closet until spring (or next weekend should “they” be right). I notice now, as I preview the post, that the picture is not the best, but believe me, the black ones are sneakers as well. Very shiny sneakers, and they go a bit higher than normal, which I liked since that makes them more autmn-y.

Listening to music

Guns ‘n Roses was my music choice du jour, the Greatest hits album which we got as a house warming gift in January.

Tonight we’re attending a drink party at the friend of a friend. I might only do virgin drinks though, I haven’t decided. Since the weather is not very nice I’m not in the mood for a late night walk and having to fit bus schedule so I might drive. And then I must do virgin drinks. I’m thinking I will, hoping that people don’t get too drunk so it’s a pain being sober.

What will tomorrow bring? I’m hoping to start sewing my top (didn’t feel like breaking out the machine today), I will vacuum, if the weather’s not too bad I might go for a run. I like weekends!


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