A Day In The Life

Thought I’d do something different today, although this post has been on my mind for a while – today seemed like a good day. My day in pictures:

The one good thing about waking up before six

Getting up early isn’t always great, but at least I can enjoy beautiful sunrises (until it’s just dark in the morning).

Nice to look at but darn jealousy of the people there

The view from my office. There’s a park right across the road and it’s nice to just sit and watch it. And be jealous of the people in the park while I’m stuck in my office.

Just the pain, no good deed for me

There was a blood drive at work today and since I’m a blood donor I thought I’d go. But my veins were in hiding today, they thought they’d found one, but not. After it began to hurt when they were looking, we called off the search. They didn’t even bother trying with my right arm. Good thing I chose charity (Children’s Cancer Foundation) as my reward today, it would have felt stupid to recieve a gift certificate or a t-shirt for just a thought. In these cases it’s not just the thought that matters.

Totally girly; stockings and makeup.

Some after work shopping. Three pairs of stockings, eyeshadow and two lip glosses. I was also browsing through clothes since I need clothes, but I didn’t find anything. Good thing because I realised that I need to do a warderobe inventory and identify my needs first.

Once I get going, I want to do everything at once

I can’t do just one thing. On my computer I’m downloading OpenOffice, talking to my Mum on MSN and checking blogs. With my other hand hand I’m setting up the sewing machine to get started on my fall collection, the wrap top. Sewing went well until my one and only twin needle broke.

My therapy; this book holds my most inner thoughts

I love writing. I have this blog, two penpals and my journal which I update daily. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But I need to write.

Well, this day 090909 in pictures. Maybe I’ll do this again sometime, but I want to do it when there’s something ‘special’, not just an ordinary day in the office. I hope that anyone who might read this enjoyed it.


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