A T-shirt for a Star

OK, I’m starting with the creation I did today, a star t-shirt. I combined to patterns from Burda WoF 01/09 namely this top and this top; the bodice from the first and the sleeves from the second. I have made both of those tops, so today’s adventure was a quickie.

The fabric is a navy (very dark navy) jersey with white stars (further details here). It was a simple top to put together, just side seams, shoulder seams, interfacing and then the sleeves. Although I did mess up with the interfacing, putting it in the wrong direction so it got stuck to the iron in stead of the fabric. And there was an incident when I threaded the machine wrong, but nothing serious. And still I finished the t-shirt in one day and I didn’t even work very hard.

Project Summary

Pattern: Merge between BWoF 2009-01-106B and 2009-01-110
Difficulty: 2/5 Burda’s rating for each individual pattern – mine was more simple as I took the easiest parts from each pattern)
Alterations: None after the merge

Fabric: Cotton jersey
Notions: Interfacing

Project rating: A simple t-shirt. The merge worked, but I wish I had made the sleeves shorter. Still do-able, though.


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