The Curtain Purse

To get started with creating in 2010, my first project was the Estelle handbag. I went through my stash and used my kitchen curtain fabric for the bag, a light green fabric. For the handles and bands I used a curdouroy, also found in my stash.

Handbag for spring

I haven’t made any conscious modifications, the pleats are reversed to what the pattern says, but that is all due to my ironing them in the wrong way.

The inside is just as green

It is finished with French seams and has two pockets on the inside. It’s a perfect “party sized” bag, when you need some stuff, but a purse still small enough to carry around. Expect to see this on my shoulder this spring.

I decided that this year, to help myself grow as a sewer, I will list the things I take with me from each project. So the things I take with me from my handbag project are:

Read the instructions thoroughly. It could have saved me a lot of time, especially with the seam ripper, had I read the instructions more carefully and paid attention to what I was doing.

French seams. French seams have always scared me, but now that I had instructions to guide me through them they were not complicated at all. Maybe soon I’ll dare do them for clothing as well, even if the instructions don’t call for them. However, if I do do them I must remember to trim the seam allowances.

Be thorough.The pattern called for pleats facing inwards toward the middle box pleat. Mine don’t, which really doesn’t matter, however, it was not as fun when I sewed on the bands and realised that all pleats were facing the same direction. I should pay more attention to what I’m doing at, if I make the pleats wrong, at least I’m going to make all the pleats wrong.

Project summary:

Pattern: Estelle from Burdastyle, made by fashion1 (she has great creations!)
Difficulty: Novice (creator’s rating – I agree)
Alterations: I think my pleats, inadvertently, are folded in the wrong direction.

Fabric: Cotton, made for home textiles, also used as kitchen curtains.
Notions: None, although I need some sort of closure

Project rating: A great purse. A closure is needed and I take with me the stuff I mentioned above, I need to be more thorough.


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