My Mini-collection, drawing

One of my goals for last week was to draw a mini-collection, consisting of three tops and three bottoms that can all go together. I have only gone for shapes, not colours. I also told myself that I didn’t need to be able to make these clothes, the focus was to find shapes that go together in stead just many individual pieces.

I’m not the best drawer in the world, therefore I tend to make small drawings, but bear with me.

The first skirt has been an idea for quite some time and it doesn’t seem too hard to do. But because of this skirt all tops had to be fitted, I didn’t want too muck bulk around the waist.

The A-line skirt is inspired by a skirt I saw a girl wearing downtown. I like unusual takes on simple lines, making clothing that would be simple more interesting. The same goes for the pants. The idea is to lengthen the Ruby shorts into pants. As with the skirt, a twist on a classic garment.

The first top is “corset styled”. Not a corset in itself, but fitted around the waist (I’m thinking a knit) and flowy chiffon-like for sleeves. The seam is intended to go below the bust.

The V-neck top has gathers all along the front as a detail. For some reason I see this top in a light pink.

The last top, a shirt, also has an underbust seam. Because I have a big chest I need to draw in clothes below the bust, otherwise they will just hang down, and that is not flattering at all.

I think I have learnt something from this exercise, to think more of shapes. I realised (or got confirmed) that I have an issue with tops. It’s easy for me to think of shapes and fabrics for skirts and pants, but when it comes to tops I’m stumped. Maybe it’s also due to a smaller selection of good fabrics for tops or it’s just me. It’s something I need to work on, though.


One thought on “My Mini-collection, drawing

  1. Interesting sketches there! It looks like everything would mix and match well, depending on the colors you went for. And I usually have the opposite problem–tops are way easier for me than bottoms!

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