Reading Comics Aloud

Yes, I’ve decided that this blog should be about crafting, style, a little diary-like and things relating to those things. But sometimes something so weird happens that I wish to share with whoever is reading. Bear with me, posts, that really have nothing to do with anything, will pop up from time to time.

So, this is a weird thing that happened today. I got on the bus this morning, with five minutes to spare (I get on on the first stop). I said “Good Morning” to the bus driver, took a Metro, got my seat and started reading. Some other people got on as well. After a while the bus driver said out loud (but not in the microhpone) “Man, Elvis is crazy” (Elvis = comic strip in Metro). I didn’t know if he expected a reaction from anyone. After a while he started reading the comic aloud. I don’t know if he was on the phone or reading to himself or to us passengers, but it was werid. All I heard was “First square, Elvis is at the dentist, getting a form to be filled out. The first question is ‘…’ and he thinks ‘…'”, all through the four squares. It was weird. Even if he was on the phone with someone, how fun is it to be read a comic strip?

Ok, oddity of the day (I hope).


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