First Garment of 2010?

As you may have noticed I’m not focusing so much on appareal sewing at the moment, accessories are taking over since I can wear the accessories both when being pregnant and not. I’m also focusing on developing (and perhaps discovering?) my personal style. But my fingers are still itching to get some clothing project underway.

As I’ve read other sewing blogs I’ve seen that some of them are in the same situation as me – pregnant. But they have taken on the maternity wear sewing and are presenting various creations. I don’t want to make garments that are limited to such a short time period, but at the same time I don’t know what my body’s going to look like in a year, so sewing for a smaller me also seems pointless. With the shopping I’ve done I’ve tried not to buy to much explicit maternity wear, but focus on things I can wear both now and later.

Lovely, soft, sand knit

Last week, quite randomly, I stumbled across Megan Nielsen’s blog. She has posted a tutorial for a wrap cardigan. I’m thinking this could be a good garment for me, and, as you can see, she’s pregnant too. But I’m guessing the cardi could work later on as well. I have a sand knit (picture will come) that is very soft and comfortable. I originally had another cardigan in mind, namely Esther from Burdastyle, but this fabric wasn’t wide enough and has been sitting in my stash and I’ve been trying to find a cardigan pattern for it. Maybe this is it!

I don’t know how much of the knit I have, I’m just guessing that it will be enough to make this cardigan. I’m wondering if there’ll be more, if so I’m going to try and make a shrug or a bolero, the style will be depending on the amount. I haven’t found a pattern for this, so maybe I’ll try drafting (with the help of the resources I have at home), I have an idea in my mind.

Now I’m feeling so inspired, I just want to go home and get started!


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