Backpack Mockup

Last week I finished my drawstring backpack mockup. It’s OK, but I definitely see improving potential, which was the point all along. I’ve never done a mockup before and I have never drafted something myself either. Yes, I am aware that this is one of the most simple things to do, but I’m still proud. One day I want to learn clothing pattern drafting, and while the techniques differ construction is still in the same mindset.

First version of drawstring backpack

The fabric is really a curtain fabric that I bought way back when I’d just gotten back into sewing. In my sewing innocence I thought it could work for clothes, but as it turned out it was just a big mistake in purchasing this fabric; luckily it was on sale so it wasn’t a big monetary error. And it worked perfectly for this mockup, that backpack was not expensive at all.

The size of the bag is good, so I’m very happy with the dimensions. The drawstring was easy to make and I really like this style of bags, as I said, I based it off a bag I had before, but which has since gotten ripped.

The changes I wish to make for the real version (besides a fabric I like more) are:

  • More narrow shoulder straps
  • Top-stitching on shoulder straps
  • Drawstring canal more adjusted to shoulder strap width (they are too narrow now)
  • Lid on outer pocket (with welcro for closing)
  • Adding inner pocket (possibly with zipper)
  • Closing with French seams (I had meant to do French seams for this version as well, but all of a sudden I had closed the bag in the regular way without realising it)

Those are the changes I’ve been thinking of so far. Really, there are no major design changes, just details and finishing. So I’m thinking the real version won’t be too hard for me. Now I just need to find a fabric and get started on the detailing. I don’t know when I’ll go to the fabric store, I want to have a bigger plan than “just a backpack” when I go there and so far there are no plans in my head. Maybe I should research baby things before I go.

Even though the design is easy I’m still proud that I, without the help of others, could turn the fabric into something usable.


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