Free Patterns (For Me)

When I was a kid me and my mum usually went to the library once a month (you could borrow books for four weeks). Sometimes I would take somebooks home with me, sometimes I settled for reading books and magazines there. Since then I’ve gotten a bit snobbish and like to buy my own books, even if I don’t know anything about them – paperbacks is pretty much all I read.

However, a few weeks ago I got the idea that maybe they have sewing books there. So I went into the online database and also found out that magazines are alsoavailable for taking home – and they have pattern magazines. So, this week I went to the library to get myself a library card so I can take home Burda magazines, copy the patterns I like and don’t pay one penny for them (well, it is included in my tax bill). And with the online database I can see what issues are available and compare with Burda archive so I’ll know what issues to go for when I get there. Ah, the wonders of modern technology.

It’s great because I won’t feel the need to make many garments from the issues I take home, if I buy the magazine I want to get my money’s worth and might make things I don’t totally love and waste a good fabric on a design just becuase I bought the magazine.

They also had some books on sewing for babies and children. The patterns started at older babies, from five months, and the books were a bit old and the patterns seemed out of date. But the library is a great resource and I hope I will be inspired just by knowing that this resource of patterns is available to me.


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