Preparing for Fall 2010

Maternity wear hasn’t been on my priority list to sew. It’s been hard to find patterns and I’ve been having back pains, so sitting in front of the machine has not attracted me.  Plus, since fabric is rather expensive here, I haven’t wanted to spend too much money on something I’ll only wear for a short period of time.

Denim and seersucker

When I was visiting dad (not mum and dad…) earlier this week, I made a quick run into the fabric store.  I knew I didn’t have the time to browse the store so I just looked at the scrap bin. Mainly I wanted to see if there were any fabrics that would be good for babies. I came home with two fabrics.

The “baby fabric” I bought was a sand seersucker. 1.5 metres and I’m thinking this could be hats, underwear or dresses (not sure of the quantity, though). Maybe not for my baby this year, perhaps for one or both of the nieces instead. I think my baby will be too little for clothes like this and we don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl. But hopefully something nice for one or more small ones will come out of this fabric.

Dark wash denim

For myself I bought 1.8 metres of a dark wash denim (it’s darker IRL than the picture shows). While I’m not a big fan of jeans, I do like denim and want to create something with unusual lines to it. Maybe I’ll make the bias strip skirt I designed a while back, that would be both a challenge in pattern-making and sewing. But we’ll see, I probably won’t get started on this skirt until fall, and I’m hoping I’ll have a normal body somewhat back then. However, since I’m planning on breast-feeding I don’t know when I can call my body normal again.

Since these are scrap fabrics they may contain errors, I couldn’t find any when I bought them, but I didn’t do a very thorough search. The price was low, since they were scraps, so I’m hoping it’s not too many errors in it and, if there are any, I can work around them.


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