Where the Magic Happens

Sometimes I’m an impulse shopper. I don’t think things through and then I end up with things that looked good just that one moment I was in the store. This mentality has manifested itself both regarding to clothing and house things. The clothing I’m trying to fix with my personal style project and for this week I set the goal to identify my needs and desires for my sewing room, I had to have a goal before hitting the stores.

My sewing room is not very big, but it fulfills my needs. However I don’t have much interior design details there, which is quite boring. I want it to be room for inspiration as well. I have a lovely view for inspiration, but I need more.

Sewing room view

I’m not sure if you can tell just by this picture, but it would show one of the things I need; curtains. I have a rag rug on the floor (made by my grandmother), with plenty of details in lemon yellow, so I’m thinking of something like that for the curtains. One day I will sit down with the fabric catalouge and actually decide on something.

My desk for sewing

The desk is pretty big, although I usually use the floor for drawing of patterns and cutting. In this desk there is a cabinet as well, which is perfectly sewing machine-sized so I can put it away I fell like it. In the right drawer I keep the things I often need, such as scissors, tape measure, fabric pencils and suchs. In the left drawers I keep my fabric stash and unfinished projects. Those drawers are pretty full.

Collection of my crafting

In the bookcase I keep all things crafting related. Top shelf contains my writing; old journals, letters, stationary. Second shelf is for paper related craft, not too much at the moment, but soon I’ll get started with my photo projects. The three bottom shelves are for sewing. In the mini dresser on the third shelf, I keep notions, interfacing, the things you need for sewing, but not too often. The next shelf is for learning; my pattern book, articles and books on techniques and style. The bottom shelf features my pattern collection; the magazine collector holds the original pattern, the LP box keeps my drawn patterns of the originals. I was very pleased when I found the LP box.

So, what are my needs and desires for this room?

Curtains, those really help to give a finished look.

I have a picture standing on my desk. I would want to put it up, it has just never happened. It’s an embroided picture my grandmother gave to me when I was born, and I figured that it would go in my sewing room, as it is some crafting heritage.

A lamp for the celing. It can’t hang too low since the room is also for passing through, the stair to the basement is in this room.

A picture for the staircase.

My wishes are:

A new chair, more comfortable and good looking.

Perhaps a new pinboard, although the one I have now matches the embroided picture. Also, I need to use it more if I should motivate my buying a new one.

Now I just need to find those things and when I know what I’m looking for, I get very picky.


2 thoughts on “Where the Magic Happens

  1. In between projects I usually tidy the room up. When working on a project it’s usually a mess. So the room got cleaned before I took my pictures…

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