Creativity Flowing

The inspiration I felt yesterday morning stayed with me all day and I managed to get something done, even with a back that is hurting and a stomach that gets hungry in an instant.

After work I popped into the craft store to buy material for my hat and look for buttons. After a long time (so long that I almost missed the bus home) I settled on a brown with white polka dots cotton fabric. There were some other interesting fabrics, but I found them too pricey, especially for this project. The light green I figure will make the band that goes around the hat.

Polka dots!

After buying the light green fabric for myself I also settled on some lime green “children buttons”. Maybe I can do some embellishments with the fabric as well perhaps an appliqué. Niece A likes bling so maybe the more shiny buttons for her (or not, I have a feeling that her mum – my sister – will worry about her ripping the buttons off and choking on them).

Lime green with some bling

After I got home I started working on the pattern. I drafted it from one of my old dresses. It is in more of a stretch, but I did wear it when I was one, so hopefully it’ll fit them anyway. I know that I have to work in some closures in stead of it just being for pulling over their heads.

The skirt pieces are supposed to be gathered at the waist. I can’t really wrap mty mind on how this will play with the skirt length, hence the weird skirt piece. I added some extra length, so I can fix it in the hemming process.

Are babies really that small?

After drafting the pattern I ironed the fabric. I have 1.5 metres of the seersucker and looking at the pattern pieces and the fabric, I realised I can make dress for both A and L and still have leftover fabric. So maybe they’ll get one dress each.

In the evening I started selecting the photos for my album, I finished 2005 and half of 2006 (we didn’t take many pictures back then). When pictures were analogue, and every picture cost money, you tended to take better pictures, now there’s a lot of scrap pictures that aren’t really good for anything. Only the good ones make it to my album.

So I felt pleased with my creative work yesterday. I hope it’s still in me when I get home today. The next step will be putting the scissors to the fabric.


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