The Plain Dress

Baby clothes are easy to sew, the seams are so short it takes no time. In addition, there are no “figure forming” things, such as darts, that need to go into the garment. So after little over an hour’s work I now have the basic dress for my niece, A. There’s still some things I need to do.

I guess ironing should be on my to do-list

I still need to decided on the length and hem it. I haven’t decided if I’m going to add a ruffle to the bottom or not, therefore I didn’t touch the hemline today. I’m going to do a topstitch on the bodice in light green, to match the buttons I plan on putting down the front of the bodice. I might do an appliqué on the skirt as well.

Snaps, new technique?

I added snaps for closure, since the dress I based it on was jersey. I put one snap on each of the shoulder bands in stead of the seams. Since I want to try a new technique for every project, I guess the snaps can be my new technique for this project. I have bought snaps once upon a time, also a snaps tool, but I have never had a project to use them on. It wasn’t hard at all, which I’m sure everyone but me knows.

I’m pleased with my dress, a bit plain right now, but it will be pimped out. I just hope it fits A and that she (and her mum) likes it! Once I’m done I will do a proper creation post about it.


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