Dress for niece

With a little work today I finished the dress for niece A. I hope she (and her mum) likes it and that it doesn’t wash her out, it’s a risk with a fabric like this. If it does perhaps she can pair it with a bright tee underneath.

White/sand seersucker with some green details

The bodice is sewn double, two pieces for both the front and back of the bodice. It made for a more “stable” bocide. The bodice also has a topstich in light green (to match the buttons) around the edges. The skirt pieces are single and I did a gather at the waist.

I decided not to do an appliqué, but to settle for the buttons as embellishments. The three front buttons serve no purpose, other than being cute.

Buttons and snaps

Since the dress this pattern is based off is in a stretch I put snaps on the shoulder straps to make it easier to put the dress on and take it off. So, now I just have to wait until I meet niece A to give it to her, and hopefully she’ll like it!

Project summary

Pattern: Self-drafted, modelled from another dress
Difficulty: Easy
Alterations: Well, it’s a self-drafted pattern, so none

Fabric: Cotton seersucker
Notions: 3 buttons
Total price: Fabric 8 SEK (€0.83), snaps 2 SEK (€0.21), buttons 3 SEK (€0.31) thread 0.5 SEK (€0.05)
Total: 13,50 SEK = €1.40

Project rating: A pattern based on another dress. I think it’s incredibly cute and I’m pleased with my work.


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