BWoF Picks May 2010

After getting some inspiration from other bloggers, I decided to look more thoroughly at the BWoF page and pick my favourites from the current issue. This will help me both with my personal style project and for knowing which issues to go for at the library.

The May issue was recently released, so that will be my first issue for selection. It seemed very focused on leisure, with many elastic waists and sweatshirt fabrics – not very inspiring.

I did like the styling of the Urban safari section, although the garments themselves didn’t attract me. Also I liked the focus on that “blue is the new black“, since I think black is rather boring. I don’t think blue is a colour for me, but I like that they’ve broken it up with not only featuring black (which also doesn’t photograph as well).

I only had two picks this issue:

Balloon dress – sans sleeves

Balloon dress – with sleeves

I like this dress both with and without the sleeves. It depends on the situation and fabric selection I suppose. I would do the sleeved version for everyday use in a cotton fabric and the sleeveless more fancy. If I do get the urge to make this dress, it’s great because if I trace the pattern once, I’ll have two versions!

Tunic dress

Just looking at the technical drawing, this dress would not appeal to me. However, in the photo it looks like it clinches well around the body and flatters the figure. I’ve never done shirring so that would make me nervous.

But like I said, I’m not overly impressed with this issue. I selected two (or three) dresses, I really wanted to focus on separates since they are easier to combine and can build more outfits. So I don’t think this will be an issue I will be running to the library for, unless I really feel that one of these dresses would be perfect for an upcoming occassion.

It was interesting to do this, in many aspects, so I will try and do it for the upcoming issues as well.


One thought on “BWoF Picks May 2010

  1. I wasn’t terribly thrilled with this month’s issue either, and was beginning to think I was the only seamstress in blogland who felt that way! The only standouts to me was that sleeveless safari jacket vest thing, and the dress with the front lacing. Otherwise I think most of the issue’s offerings would look shapeless & blah on me.

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