Pages to Fill

My back is still killing me, now it’s both in the pelvis and in the back ribs. I’ve read theories that the last weeks of pregnancy are supposed to be hard so that the delivery doesn’t seem so hard and you look forward to end the pregnancy. We did an ultrasound on Thursday and our baby is smaller than average. So if (s)he pops out on time (s)he shouldn’t be too big, which was a relief. My stomach is bigger than average but the baby is smaller.

Anyway, my countdown of work days has reached three, then I’ll have two and half weeks of vacation before due date. Of course you can never know when the baby is planning to make its entrance into the world, so I’ve been trying to find small projects to do before the baby comes, also projects that my back can take. I have some plans to bake muffins to fill the freezer with for all the people we suspect will want to come and visit us (or the baby and be stuck with us). Another project is one I’ve been going on and on about is my photo project.

These pages will be filled

Today I’ve sent out an order for 195 photos, spanning 2005 – 2010. France, Germany, moving houses, enjoying life. So I will make my photo album, or at least start the work, during my time off between work and the baby. I will be better at taking pictures, the baby will get his/her own album and I will also try and continue make the albums for us, not everything will be about the baby (famous last words?)


One thought on “Pages to Fill

  1. Photo albums can be so time-consuming–I’m ridiculously behind on mine! But they’re worth it in the end, I think. 🙂

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