Aimless Fabric Shopping

I’ve gotten the impression that many of the sewing and crafting bloggers love to shop fabrics and keep impressive stacks of fabrics. I’m not like that.

I figure out the projects I wish to make for a season and buy the fabric for those projects. I match the fabric to a pattern in my mind.

However, I was doing some shopping this week and I was relatively close to the fabric store. I had no patterns in mind, but figured I could go in and check the scrap box. It is possible to do some real finds there. The fabric might be damaged, but it’s rarely and the stuff I’ve seen have been small or easily fixed. And because it might have damages, the fabric is cheap.

Jersey with owls

Yesterday I didn’t do many finds, though. All I came home with was this jersey, 0.5 metres, with owls. I don’t know what it will be; something for niece A, something for our baby? Maybe it can be something for both, some clothing for A and a blanket for our baby. I have no idea, which is unusal. Like I said, I usually already have a pattern matched to the fabrics I buy.

Closeup of owls


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