Impressed by Speed

To fulfill my goals from last week (my goal was to send in pictures for development) I spent Sunday afternoon and evening, selecting and uploading photos to an online photo store. Twenty to seven at night I registered and at ten past eight I sent in my order. Ten past eight on Sunday evening. The shipping time was said to be 2-5 work days, so I was hoping I’d get them at least this week (yesterday was a national holiday), but decided I wouldn’t get too disappointed if I didn’t see them.

Imagine my surprise when I came home on Tuesday (less than two days after I’d placed the order) to find the photos in my mailbox. I was really impressed with how quickly I got them and they were in good condition as well as cheap. The company made a very good first impression.

And seeing how I want to continue with making albums and we’re thinking of doing some “artwork” as well (canvas photos and a family wall) I sure will be using them again. Let’s just hope the speedness wasn’t just due to my being a new costumer.

Let the albuming begin!

Now, as I’ve sat down looking at the pictures, I can see one “fun” thing, though. They are not in order. It could have to do with the fact that some are called “DSCN…” (compact camera) and some are called “IMG…” (system camera) so maybe they are in fact in order. So, now I must begin with sorting them out. Still I’m looking forward to it.


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