Burda WoF Picks June 2010

Last month I did my picks from the current issue of Burda WoF. I figured I would continue with it since it would make me know what to look for and also help me with figuring out my personal style. Since I’m also trying to build a matching wardrobe using Sewing with a plan, I also tried to keep that in mind when choosing among the patterns.

T-shirt with interesting inset

I really like this t-shirt as a great basic t-shirt, but it still has some unusal lines to it. I think, by looking at the style picture, that it could be a victim of the low-cut neckline that Burda is (in)famous for. I think, if I did this, I would have to do a full bust adjustment (plus I need to learn that some day). Since I’m planning on breast-feeding though, this cut would not work, but maybe in the future; the library will hopefully keep the issues for at least some time.

Short or longer?

I really like the cut of these shorts, and I need to learn how to properly make pants. However, if I were to make these I can’t decide if I’d make them as shorts or elongate them into regular pants.

I know that dresses aren’t really practical for building a wardrobe, but two dresses from this issue really appealed to me.

Another victim of Burda low-cuts?

I think this dress would flatter my figure, although it might be another victim of the low-cut clevage that is Burda trademark. I don’t care for the print Burda chose, I would do it in a solid or a more discrete print. Plus I really don’t think the dress comes to its full potential in the Burda style picture.

The dress of my dreams?

This dress is gorgeous! I love the colouring of Burda’s version, but I’m not sure the colour would flatter me. I’m going to make a confession; when (no, not if) I get married I can see myself in this dress on my wedding day. In fact when I see the issue in the library I can imagine taking it home just to get this pattern. Tops, pants and skirts come and go, but dresses like these don’t come around that often.

I also like the idea of the short sleeved jacket, but I’m not sure about the raglan sleeves (or the colour Burda chose). I also kind of like the vest, but I would combine the two versions, using the back from the first and the bias binding and closure from the second.

Better issue than the last one, in my opinion at least. Maybe when I’ll get my shape back this will be an issue I’ll pick up.


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