I’ve Finally Sewed Something

Not that it’s much to brag about. But still, I have made something.

I got the tip from my co-workers. In stead of buying sheets for the baby, take some of your old ones and cut them to desired size. The advantages are that the sheets we have used are thoroughly washed and therefor no chemicals left and also they’re soft.Plus in stead of wasting money on baby sheets, you can treat yourself to new sheets (yeah, the baby won’t mind)

Just cut and hemmed

The sheet I was using now started to rip, so it was perfect to cut up as well. We are using boyfriend’s family bassinette and I don’t have the measurements for that, so I only cut two sheets for our hard carry cot. We will use regular flanell blankets as covers.

Just a baby missing

It fitted well in the carry cot as well. I wouldn’t call this project overly creative; I have cut the sheet, overlocked it and hemmed it. It didn’t take much time. Although, it felt good to be doing something and I’m so longing for making clothes again. But first the baby needs to come out, due date is Sunday (May 30), so I’m not on overtime yet, but we’re still just waiting. It’s hard not knowing what day it’ll be that will change our lives.


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