Blast From The Past

To get some sewing related activity in this blog I decided to dig up some old photos of creations I made back in the day. We’re talking middle and junior high school.

Crushed velvet dress

The first piece I made in the seventh or eigth grade, I believe. It’s a simple red t-shirt dress in crushed velvet. Really simple to sew as no overlocking was necessary and it just had a few pieces. It started out as a dress, but as I got bigger on top I started wearing it as a tunic over pants in stead, which also worked. Now I haven’t used it for a while, I doubt it’ll look good on me, but it’s still somewhere in my closet (I can’t throw out the things I’ve made).

Jacket – sans pants

I made this pyjama jacket in the sixth grade. I wanted a silk pyjama, they were in fashion back then, but I didn’t dare ask my parents for one, I thought they’d think it was too expensive for a pyjama. So when we got the opportunity to sew them in school I took it. Unfortunately we could only have enough fabric to make the jacket, not the pants. You can think that they at least could let us enlongate them a bit. It’s one of the few (if not only) collars I’ve ever sewn and I wish to learn that again. One day perhaps I should take a sewing course.

Perfect for summer

This is from the eigth grade. A simple summer dress, which I remember took a really long time to sew, especially for being so simple. Must have been the zipper that did it in for me, it’s not a very pretty sewn zipper so I can imagine I had troubles with it.

Black and white plaid

I love this skirt. I think I was 12 when I sewed it at home, with the help of my mum. A short, A-line skirt with a narrow waistband.

To be used this fall…

This garment has never been worn by anyone, that will change this fall, I hope. A baby pyjama, it has light green dogs on it (I tried to take a closeup picture, but it didn’t come out very well). This is also sewn in the eigth grade (I had sewing as an elective then). It’s so easy and quick to sew baby clothes as the pieces are so small that even overlocking doesn’t take too much time.

There you have it, some of my creations from my past. I wrote before that I didn’t throw out stuff I’ve made, which isn’t entirely true. I know there are some pieces I have thrown out, mainly becuase they fell into pieces, lost their shape or had other things wrong with them. They weren’t for keeps even if it had been just to show them off – they were not much to show.


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