Fall Collection- First Thoughts

In my upcoming sewing endeavors I wish to have a more focused plan and not just sew random garments.

For the last days I’ve been going through my pattern stash, as well as Burdastyle’s and Burdafashion’s (before they merged and Burdafashion sadly died) free pattern catalogue to see what Ihave to work with. Yes, I’m cheap, plus I don’t really know how to easily get patterns around here, you have to order them from the fabric stores.

Since I don’t know when I will have time, energy or the possibility to sew these garments, my plan is to make the homesewn garments “staples”, meaning that they will be more classics and fit in with an assortment of other clothing – store bought or self made. This will be especially true for the pants and skirts. I’m thinking the same for the spring collection.

I have selected my two pants and one of the two skirts, I do have an idea for the other skirt, though. I have also selected one shirt, two tops and one shrug. The original idea from the instructions is that the topper (the shrug in this case) should go with all tops, I know it won’t. I’ve also realised that the tops and shirts is were I have issues, since I’m very aware of fit in that case, I want something that looks good on me and many commercial patterns are made for women with smaller chests.

As for colour, I have narrowed it down to three, of which I should choose two as my basic colours. These are the colours I will use on my pants and skirts. My three options are brown, khaki green (dark) and beige. I’m currently leaning towards the former two. As for the shrug I’m planning, I already have the perfect fabric. I also have a dark wash denim that I’m envisioning as a skirt, but I don’t want to make denim a basic colour, so it will be a future addition rather than a staple.

These are my initial thoughts, soon I will publish what I have come up with. The thing is, I have no idea when I’ll be able to go to the fabric store next so I don’t know how well my ambitious project will go.

Oh, and I still resent Burda for taking Burdafashion down. I liked the archives and I could have seen which issues to grab from the library, studying the patterns and reviews beforehand. Now I must go to the library, look through the issues there and hope that the patterns I choose are understandable.


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