I have tomorrow been a parent for one month to a lovely boy. Well, lovely when he’s not insisting on being awake through the night.

Week one: The feeling of how are we ever going to leave the house again. The feeling of I’m too self-conscious to breastfeed him in public.

Week two: Well, at least he’s not eating the entire time anymore, he gives me some space in between feedings. And I guess I have to breastfeed him in front of my family.

Week three: More space in between feedings. If they just occured regularly, but sometimes it’s an hour and half in between, sometimes up to 4 hours. Why doesn’t the 4 hour interval come at night? More people over, he needs his food.

Week four: Screw not breastfeeding in front of people, still just family and friends, but I can work on making it discrete. Started thinking of actually leaving the house for longer than just walks, it didn’t happen though. Did some baking, which made me ridiculously proud, both muffins and rhubarb cobbler.

Week five (the upcoming week): This week we will leave the house. Perhaps to visit my sister and niece (if niece gets over her fever) or shopping for some breastfeeding friendly tops. I have found a mall with a room for nursing.

Now if only he could realise that nights are for sleeping. I don’t mind feeding him, but I wish he would go back to sleep after that. How to do that?


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