Dress For Niece – Take II

My last attempt of making a dress for my niece didn’t fit and it was a pattern I tried drafting myself. I should know better than to do that. Now I will attempt my second dress for her.

She has her first birthday in two weeks and I want to make her a piece of clothing. This time I will not attempt to draft the pattern myself so I have searched the web for a toddler pattern. I settled on the TAMI t-shirt dress from Burdastyle. I just now have to settle on the size. According to a size converter I found on the net a 3T would be just enough, but according to Burda sizing chart, a 2T will be almost too big. And reading the comments and looking at the pictures it seems that bigger children are wearing it. I will cut the pattern and see how it feels, I know how big my niece is in weight and length, but not her measurements so it’ll be a bit tricky. But this I’d rather go for too big than too small.

Red and white owls

I will use this jersey fabric that I think my sister will like. So the hard part is the size choosing. Also sewing while having a baby, but I think the dress will be a quick sew (it’s jersey and small, after all), plus boyfriend is on vacation so he can take our baby if needed. Two weeks should be plenty of time, once I decided on the size.

Yay, my first sewing project in ages. I hope the dress turns out nice and is appreiciated!


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