Fall Projects

Life with a baby leaves little time to my own things. But I have hope! I have some ideas on what I want to work on this fall.

We’re not going to baptise our son. None of us is a member of the church and we’re not religious. We are planning a welcome party in stead since our son is the first in boyfriend’s family not to get baptised (in my family not I, my sister or our cousins are baptised). We are planning to do this in late October (to coincide with boyfriend’s birthday). We have not sent out invites yet, we have not even finished the guest list; I’m hoping to do so this weekend, but I’m thinking it will be 30-40 people. We will serve a light lunch and coffee with cookies and cakes. Also I’m thinking we need something special to mark the day, I have some ideas. This will be one of my projects.

Another thing I want to do is that I want to make as many of my christmas gifts as possible. I’m thinking purses for my cousins and clothing for nieces (or perhaps stuffed toys). For my grandparents I’m thinking a photo book (I might make that for grandma’s birthday as well) with photos of son. For the other adults, I have no clue. I will look in my pattern stash, but that’s mostly women’s patterns and accessories. With just under four months to Christmas and many ideas (and a baby poking for attention) I must get started soon, if just to find inspiration.

A ring in red and white gold

I wrote “boyfriend” above. That was incorrect. As of August 3rd he shall go under fiancé. We’re planning to seal the deal on July 16 next year. The welcome party for son will be a warmup. Of course it’s not just my planning, but it will take up some of our time as well. We have started talking ideas, but nothing is decided. We’re still just thinking on our own.

So, no major sewing plans for myself, but still some projects to work on.


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