Me Made Month

If you’re blogging about crafting, sewing and/or style, it’s quite possible that you’ve encountered Me Made May or Self Stichted September (currently ongoing). It’s Zoe who came up with the idea, and although I didn’t follow her blog (it’s added to my Bloglovin’ account now, though) I read about the concept in other blogs.

I love the idea. In May, I wasn’t prepared, and highly pregnant at the time, so I didn’t participate. Now that I fit into my old clothes again I could participate, but my self-made clothes aren’t exactly breast-feeding friendly. But from now on I will follow Zoe’s blog and see if I get a new opportunity to join – if it’s possible (due to the breast feeding constraint).

I will do the “easy” way and pledge to wear one handmade item each day (and it cannot be the same purse every day). Thinking about this made me look at my portfolio to see what I have. I must admit I’m not too impressed. I want to get sewing again, work on pulling the clothes together, building a wardrobe, not just making single pieces of clothing.

Baby is sleeping. Maybe I should do something more creative than talking about being creative. Let’s go!


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