An “I don’t know”-top

Seeing Self-stichted September in various blogs raised my inspiration. I want to participate in the next round and furthermore, I want to get sewing again.

I wanted to start out with something simple and easy, I chose a shrug.I drafted the pattern, following the instructions from Weekend Designer.

One pattern piece is enough

Since I don’t read before embarking on the adventures, I figured it would look like the picture, it didn’t. After reading I learnt that this is just the base, you can add length to it if you please. It turned out quite alright anyway.

Posing on my morning walk

The fabric is a sand knit, very light and very soft, so the shrug is really comfortable. It was perfect on my walk today as it wasn’t too warm, but still something to cover my arms. And I looked OK I hope as I met some new people (other new mothers from the village).

Looking back, over my shoulder…

Being your own photographer poses a number of challenges. 1. Finding a good location with somewhere to put the camera. 2. Not worrying about on-lookers. I think I did OK, at least I like these photos better than those I previously have, which are taken inside our house.

Oh, I do you get my lame pun for the headline? If you don’t know, you shrug…

Project Summary

Pattern: Self-drafted, with instructions from Weekend Designer
Difficulty: Novice (my rating)
Alterations: None

Fabric: Sand knit
Notions: None

Total price: Fabric 42 SEK (€4.55), thread 1 SEK (€0.11)
Total: 43 SEK (€4.66)

Project rating: A simple project, just what I needed to get back into sewing!


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