Christmas Shopping

In addition to start building my wardrobe, I also intend to make some of the Christmas gifts this year. I have downloads from when Burdafashion was Burdafashion and not Burdastyle as it is now and some Burda magazines as well. I did some shopping last week, here are my ideas.

This green with small flowers…
…this green/grey courdoroy…
…and this pillow are all for the same project

In BWoF 2009-04 there’s a pattern for a stuffed deer. Niece A is getting that, the green is for the head, the courodory is for antlers and the pillow for stuffing. I will use scrap that I have for the ears.

For my cousins

My cousins will get purses in black and red satin. Pattern from Burdafashion, back in the day (when they announced the merge, I downloaded all free patterns. I had already been screwed once by Burdastyle)

Something for myself

This purple linen (a bit darker IRL) I’m seeing as an Obi apron. If it’s a quick fix, my sister might get one for Christmas.

No sewing required

I also bought this wax cloth from the scrap bin. Nothing to sew, but with a baby that’s going to start eating in a few months, I figured it could be useful.


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