Organising Skills

If you were to meet me and see my house, my office or any other place that is mine, you’d probably get the impression that I’m messy. Also, it would be a pretty correct impression. But what most people don’t realise is that even in my mess I know where everything is. In school, when my desk was a mess, I could find what I was looking for instantly. In my room, which was covered in clothes, I knew where everything went.

It’s still the same, although now I aim to keep it more tidy. My sewing room is one of the few places I always try and keep tidy. After each project I’ve told myself I must clean the desk, from everything, which includes the things that had nothing to do with the particular project.

My patterns is actually one of the few things I keep in order.

Box for LP albums

I bought a box, destined for LP records, and use it for my cut outs. I place the pattern pieces in ziplock bags and write pattern name, number and size on the bag. The box can hold many patterns. For the multi-sized patterns I bought a wide magazine collector to put them in. It’s starting to get full, so I might need a new one soon (or maybe I should get through the patterns I have before acquiring new ones).

Patterns and cut outs

So, the bottom shelf of my sewing room bookcase. A paper collector of patterns and a box filled with cutouts. On the shelf above I have matching binders with articles about sewing; techniques and fashion.


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