A Required Project?

For once we get a new pattern for Burdastyle’s project of the week.

Two things I spontaniously like about this project:

1) It’s free!

2) It has a very lovely name, I should make it just because of that 🙂

I haven’t decided if I like it, if it will look good on me, what style I should do it in. I will probably download it and keep it in my digital pattern catalogue.

What I really like is that it’s a new pattern, a free one at that. There was a reason I liked Burdastyle when they started out and a reason why I don’t like them so much now. It’s just not because they charge for patterns, rather how they’ve treated their members. Perhaps they’re getting better?


One thought on “A Required Project?

  1. Hi! Well done on getting sewing done for yourself. I try to sew more but when I make a mistake and have to unpick then I lose interest for a while.
    I saw that skirt on Burdastyle too and I’m the same – not sure if it will suit me either. I am thinking of just trying it with some old fabric to see how it looks. It is a free pattern after all! 🙂


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