A Tip!

I don’t know if anyone who cares will see this, but I’m throwing it out there anyway.

I’m not completely happy with how Burdastyle has treated their members, and I’ve made no secret of it.

When they did their last upgrade a lot of things were lost in translation, such as other member’s uploaded patterns and, even worse, the members’ personal messages. Some members have re-uploaded their patterns, but not all of them.

However, today I discovered that the old page, with the old content (including PMs) is up at the old Burdastyle page. Browsing around that page made me miss the good old days, when Burdastyle cared about their members. The only thing that would’ve made my discovery better was if the patterns were still free. But I was still able to find some member patterns that I’ve missed and have wanted to try out (sadly a baby pyjama I planned to make for niece last Christmas, she’s no longer a baby).

So if you want to access your own PMs or other’s patterns, head over to old Burdastyle and feel nostalgic. It will only be up until Dec 31.


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