Fall Shopping

This post was supposed to have been for Tuesday, but after driving all the way to the fabric store then (30 minute drive) I realised that I had forgotten my wallet at home. Since my dad lives close to the fabric store and we were scheduled to visit him yesterday, I looked at what I wanted and we made a quick stop there to pick up some new things for me (and us).

Pants in the making

Brown twill which will be a pair of Ruby pants. They also had the same twill in a kaki green, which I was tempted to buy for another pair of pants, but I have no pattern and, I suspect, no time. I was also tempted to buy a little extra to make myself a jacket so I’ll have a complete suit, but I’ve never sewn a jacket before so I never did it. I also couldn’t decide if my suit should be brown or kaki green.

Made to be a skirt

Looking at this cotton I feel it was made to be skirt. In the store they have sewn it up as a dress and in a “patchwork” skirt, but to me it works fine on it’s own as a skirt. An A-line skirt (I don’t have a pattern, perhaps it’ll be self-drafted) is what I feel will make the best out of this fabric. It works so well on its own that no complicated lines are needed.

For my sewing room

I finally got around to choosing a fabric for curtains for my sewing room. It will be this light yellow, striped cotton satin. The goal is to have them up by Oct. 23 (we’ll ghave guests then) and I think it’s an easy goal. Curtains are easy to sew, it’s just some straight seams.

Big circles

This was a hard fabric to photograph, it’s a cotton/polyester jacquard, which will be curtains for our living room. We will also have the same fabric in our dining area, but it had stains. I was not in a bargaining mood so I must buy it a later time. Annoying.

So, I have some work cut out (pun intended) for me, although I’ve promised fiancé that the curtains are the first priority. But, like I said, that’s easy sewing!


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