Drawstring Purse – First Draft

I’ve finished the first of my two purses, to 95 %. As Tim Gunn has been quoted on Project Runway those last 5 % is where it matters – the details.

Let me start out by saying that I am pleased with the first 95 %, I think this bag will be very pretty if I tweek the last 5 % right. My first attempt at those 5 % was not good.


Too much red


The ribbon I chose for closing is far too red and far too much (this can be easily altered, but since I don’t plan on using the red I decided not to cut into it). So now I’m left pondering whether I sshould use burgundy ribbon or black? Or ribbon or something else? I’m thinking I will make it so one end is “closed” and you can only open it in one end. As it is now, both ends can open and you run the risk of pulling the ribbon through.


It has potential

I will go to the supply store and bring the purse and really think about it. I want to make a chic purse, a wearable purse. Since I’m making another one as well, I might make a tutorial of it, even though it’s a Burda pattern. It was posted free on their old site, so they can’t complain too much, right?

I have also posted about this in the Crafty Christmas Club.



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