To protect and serve

Since the deer I was making wanted to be for my son instead of niece I need to make her something else. Inspired by my sister Facebook status I decided to make her an apron. At the same time I also decided that my other niece (fiancé’s niece) would also get one. Today I went fabric shopping.

The two sets of parents dress their children quite differently; one niece is most in dresses and leggings, pink, purple, white and turquiose. The other one is mostly dressed in unisex clothing and colours.

I had the intention of doing the aprons in the personal styles of each child (or set of parents, really). I found many fitting into the unisex clothing of niece A, too many to choose. However, the pink fabrics I didn’t care for at all. If I had a daughter she would probably wear unisex more than girly, but I still went there with the mindset of niece L in mind. I could not bear myself to buy any of the pink ones with sparkles, princesses, girls going shopping (yes!). So they will both get identical aprons.

Fabric one

I will make them reversible using this tutorial, so I have bought two different fabrics. Both are in a beige/yellow tone. This one has numbers, letters and cute figures on it.

Closeup of number 3

The other one is a striped on with a giraffe print.

Giraffe and hearts – quite a combo

So, now I must get to work (the deer has been put on hold for now, all I have left is attaching the antlers and ears, though). I will prewaswh the fabrics today and hopefully I’ll draft the pattern by today as well, we’re going away over the weekend, so come Monday I hope to get started. I also hope that they will be appreciated come Christmas eve.


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