Toddler Aprons

Inspired by a Facebook status by my sister I decided to make aprons for my two nieces. They are 1.5 months apart in age so until they come with their own wishes they will get the same things. I had planned to individually pick fabrics, but I didn’t care for the pink ones.

Giraffe stripes for one side

I chose a giraffe stripe for one side. Both fabrics are pretty heavy so I’m sure the aprons can be used for cooking, painting and other crafts.

…and cute animals for the other

The other fabric is more cute; I chose to have one cute and one cooler side to the aprons so the girls can choose which mood they’re in for the day.

Let’s just hope they like them!

I used this tutorial and also made the changes suggested so the neck tie is in two to adjust the length and the apron is wider.


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