Shopping Ban

I’ve given myself a shopping ban. I have several reasons for this.

1) I’m trying to loose some weight, why shop for a changing body?
2) I haven’t totally figured out my personal style.
3) I’m still breast feeding my son and any new clothes would have to be suitable for this.
4)  I’m going to the US and Canada in April and May and I’d rather shop there than here.

The way for me to get new clothes before my journey is to use up my fabric stash, so I’m starting with that now. I don’t worry too much if it fits into a certain style, since I have what I have. But I hope I’ll get some good garments out of it.

First up, a hat!

I do have, at the moment, two exceptions. Sandals, which would be good to have on the trip, and a swimsuit since the people we are staying with have a pool.


2 thoughts on “Shopping Ban

  1. Hey good for you! I’d definitely hang out with shopping in the USA if I were going too. What I thought was annoying was when I was preggers, it was hard to cover my growing stomach… and I thought that after the baby was born I’d be able to wear all my normal clothes again. Which I couldn’t because I was b/feeding and that cuts your wardrobe use down considerably!
    I hope you find your style soon. And awesome about using up your stash. I’m trying to do that as well.
    xo MODELmumma

    • I read somewhere that most pregnant women are often eager to buy maternity wear, but don’t realise that the breast-feeding usually lasts longer than you need maternity wear.

      I use regular t-shirts and such, but breast-feeding definitely cut down my use of dresses.

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