UFO Sightings

Before I got acquainted with the sewing world a UFO to me was an Unidentified Flying Object. In the sewing world the Object is the same but the UF is Un-Finished.

Since I have my shopping ban, both for clothes and fabrics if I want to sew something I must use what I have in my stash. I have both fabrics and UFOs.

So last week I used a fabric to make myself a sunhat, this week I finished a blouse I started in 2007 I believe. It feels kind of good to clean out my drawers, get new clothes and actually use what I’ve bought. The only thing is that while I now don’t have a grasp on my personal style, when I bought these fabrics it was even less, so I’ll have to see where theyh fit into my wardrobe. However, I can’t see anything wrong with finishing those UFOs.


2 thoughts on “UFO Sightings

  1. No, nothing wrong with finishing them at all. Even if you’re not sure where they fit into the wardrobe, it’s that much pressure from having unfinished things sitting around that’s lifted.

    1. Yes, it’s a relief as well. Whenever I open a drawer to see these UFOs I feel the pressure and guilt for not finishing them. Plus finishing them leaves more room for new fabrics!

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