Wardrobe cleaning: Organising

Cleaning and organising my closet has begun. So far a lot of the work is done in my mind, but I’ve done some real work as well.

Colour coordinated blouses and shirts

I decided that I wanted more space for hanging clothes; not just dresses and skirts, but also shirts, blouses and pants. I played with the idea of moving the shelves around, but then realised that they had to be kept the way the were. Fiancé came with an insight I hadn’t thought of myself; the shelves are moveable! So after moving some shelves around I realised I could fit more shelves into the closet, so I will shop for that.

With more shelves I don’t need to put away the seasonal clothes, I can keep them all within reach, and the top shelves can be used for storage. So my next thing is to work my way to the floor, put away the stuff that should be saved on the top shelves, and throw out whatever I don’t want. If anything goes somewhere else, it should be moved there.

While cleaning out I also look at the clothing, will I use them, do they fit, will they fit, should I throw them out? All pieces of clothing in my closet should be used, otherwise they have no place there (expect stuff with a sentimental value, such as homemade clothing and fx. my graduation dress). While doing this I, of course, stumble upon pieces I haven’t worn in a while, sometimes even homemade. In keeping up with using what I have I will look at these clothes to determine if they are useful and/or refashionable. Perhaps I will get myself some new looks as well.

It’s an interesting project, even though it involves cleaning, and I look forward to the day when my closet is clean and filled with fun, inspiring clothes. The latter will be a while, but I’m still excited!


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