The Housewarming Dress

One of the things I found in my wardrobe cleaning was this red dress. I made it 2 years ago for our housewarming party, but in a mis-calculation during fitting led to its being to small (I instead wore another red dress). Two years and one baby later the fitting is no longer an issue although it still needs those finishing touches.

It fits!

The dress is based off the Desira pattern and inspired by this dress. Just like the original dress I used the pattern until the waistline and added a belt and skirt (although my version is all in the same fabric, so it might be hard to see).

To make the look complete I wish to shortenen the dress a bit, I find this length very dowdy, to borrow a word from Project Runway. Also the arm holes, especially one, is very thight and I need to widen it for more ease.

Pit closeup

It goes very high and it’s not comfortable, it will probably irritate my skin. It feels great that it fits though, since I never know what to do with clothes I’ve made that don’t fit or don’t live up to their expectations.


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