Expanding my Wardrobe

I finally bought new shelves for my closet so I can continue with the cleaning and organising of it. It came to a stop since I was out of space. Now I bought new shelves and I can move some clothes from the floor to shelves. Well, actually we bought new shelves for the outerwear closet and moved the ones there to my closet. But, technicalities.

Empty shelves...for now

So, now I have two new shelves to fill with clothing, I’m trying to figure out how to organise all of my clothes.

My wardrobe has also expanded for me. The little fella decided he no longer wanted to breast feed. I hadn’t planned on stopping yet, but soon, so Il let him have his way. So, we leave the phase of breast feeding behind us and I welcome back all of my dresses! I haven’t worn a dress (except for my one nursing dress) in ages so it’s a welcome change. I look forward to being in the summer of the US in my cute summer dresses.

Hello dresses!

All my dresses have just been hanging there for two years, unworn. I’m ready to wear them! As you can see, unfortunately they don’t have much room in my wardrobe and I don’t know how to expand it. That’s another problem, the wardrobe is still a mess.


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