Just snap!

I’m working through my stash of fabrics and finishing UFOs. I’m feeling so inspired! With the little fellow not breast feeding anymore I want to wear new clothes, I can wear anything now!

I have a dress in my UFO pile that is easliy finished, but I have never bothered to. I tried another solution, which didn’t work out and all I need are snaps.

Yes, another wrap

It’s a wrap dress which I think is two years old. The plan I did then was to tie it on the inside and the outer wrap with a belt. It didn’t work very well, so I planned to make a hole in the side seam to pull the belt through and fasten another belt in the other side seam.

It was complicated and I was afraid that the hole would rip the seams so I never did anything. Now, two years later (or is it three? I think three…) I’m going to do what the pattern tells me to do. Add snaps. I now have snaps and it’s easy to put them in. Once that’s done, the dress will be finished. It’s so stupid to leave little details like this. Perhaps my shopping ban is a good thing, I’m using up the old fabrics and finishing UFOs. More clothes and more room for new fabircs. Win-win!


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