A Bargain

I was passing by the local library the other day and noticed that they were selling the magazines from 2008, very cheap. I know that they have carried Burda WoF, so that’s what I went there for.  I arrived 10 minutes after they opened, and no Burda magazines in sight. Either they were not up for sale or another sewer was an even earlier riser and snagged them all. I did not go home empty-handed though.


There were only two pattern magazines left, which was probably lucky since then I didn’t have to choose. They both had some interesting models in this “All About Stitchwork”-magazine. The models felt more Nordic than BWoF, which I liked. Some of these models will be made by me, when I have time/fabrics/inspiration.

So the bargain prize? The magazines were marked at 5 SEK (€0.57), but if you bought 5 magazines it would be 20 SEK (€2.27). I also picked up one cooking magazine and two fitness magazines so the individual prize for each magazine was 4 SEK (€0.45). A pretty good prize if you ask me!


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