The Indian Shirt

After making a blouse from BWoF 2009-04 I realised that the pattern didn’t flatter me as I thought it would. My creative mind got to work and I came up with this idea:

I left the upper front and back pieces as they were but elongated them.The bottom parts were also elongated and modified in width and to add buttons down the front. I did gathers for the upper parts, the bottom part was fitted, using darts.

I had a white cotton poplin, with a little bit of stretch, which was perfect for a shirt. I can’t believe it was bought with the intention of making a skirt, good thing I changed my mind – it is a shirt fabric. The buttons, I’m not 100% sure, but I think they are stolen from an old shirt, I can’t remember buying buttons like these since I’ve never had a shirt project before. The neckline has interfacing tape on it.

It pretty much was a trial and error project and I love the final outcome! The fabric helps a big deal because it feels great. It turned out just as I wanted. Project summary Pattern: BWoF 2009-04-122 Difficulty: 2/5 (Original pattern) Alterations: Elongated, bottom half tighter and with darts, added buttons down the front of the bottom. Fabric: White stretch cotton poplin Notions: Buttons, interfacing tape. Price: Fabric 65 SEK (€7.36), thread 1 SEK (€0.11) Total: 66 SEK (€7.47) Project rating: An alteration I’m proud of. I think the final result is similar to the sketch, which means I was able to follow my vision. I found a great shirt fabric, and I love (love, love) the final result.


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