My least favourite part of sewing is the prep work. Tracing patterns are OK, but pre-washing (including pre-zick-zacking), ironing, cutting, applying interfacing and zick-zacking the individual pieces before assembly can finally begin.

Therefore I truly hate lining things. I don’t care that it gives the final product a more finished look, that it looks more professional. I don’t care, nobody sees the insides of my clothes anyway.

The most boring thing

It’s twice the work with lining. more pieces to pre-wash, cut and zick-zack. Then the assembly is also the same work twice. It’s boring! You finish a garment, but surprise! one more still needs to be finished.

I cut my maxi dress yesterday. Now it needs the second step in the prework; zick-zacking. But I think I’ll make a (what I think is) quickie top before starting the dress. The top shouldn’t take long to make, then it’s the dress’ turn. Then I’m out of projects, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem.


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