You do the math

So, I hate prep work. Who doesn’t? I hope to finish a top this weekend, preferably today (it depends on what the little fellow thinks) and then it’s on to the maxi dress. The dress which has been in planning for two years, the dress with the gorgeous fabric, the dress I¨m scared to sew since I don’t think I did a good job with plaid matching two years ago.

Anyway, step one will be zick-zacking all the pieces. There are 10 pieces for the dress. The lining is the same expect for the bodice which is doubled lined. The bodice has 5 pieces.

25 effing pieces to zick-zack! If I wasn’t insane before I’ll certainly be soon. 25 pieces. I shouldn’t have counted.

If i could I would squeeze them in while working on my current project. But, you see, my current project is navy blue, the dress is powder pink. It would drive me even more insane to re-thread the machine the whole time.

25 pieces. Sigh.


2 thoughts on “You do the math

    • Thanks! I’m currently working my way through the pieces. 3 left, I think if I haven’t hid some more elsewhere.

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