Prep Work Done!

25 pieces later. I’ve zick-zacked 25 pieces. Keep in mind that this is a maxi dress and both the skirt and bodice parts have three pieces in front and two in the back, especially considering that the skirt pieces are long. I had to rewind the bobbin thread, it wasn’t enough for all of these pieces.

Plenty of bodice

The bodice itself is, like I mentioned above, built up of three pieces in the front and two for the back. The bodice gets its stability from lining with interfacing. Then it has the regular lining as well, so 15 pieces just for the bodice.

Keeping things organised

So, with a gazillion (well 5 each of fabric and lining) skirt pieces I realised that I couldn’t keep track of them. Therefore they each got name tags. The pieces do differ a little, but not enough to keep me from not going crazy. Now that all the prep work is done I want to get going and keep on going without having to identify pattern pieces.

Two things worry me about this project. First, the pattern was cut without matching the plaid. I hope it won’t look wonky as it’s finished.


The second thing that worries me is this stain the fabric acquired while I was ironing it. Hopefully it’ll go away in the wash. It’s on one of the back pieces and, of course, it’s on the right side of the fabric.

But I hope these worries will stay as just worries and the dress will turn out beautiful. All prep work done, onto the real sewing!


2 thoughts on “Prep Work Done!

  1. But hey, the prep work is done! Which means now you get to do the fun part. ūüôā

    It looks like that plaid would have been super-annoying to match up, with all of the lines. And it’s a subtle enough palette that I would think it’ll be ok.

    1. I was able to match up the skirt part despite having cut it. Now I only need to decide on length and hem it. It’s tricky knowing how long it should be. But it really is lovely.

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