Just Floral Top

My stash cleaning continues and I had enough leftovers from the Floral and Coral Dress to make a simple top.

The pattern is from the Ingelise magazine. The pattern is made for a stretch knit, I used a woven in stead without any modifications. At first I inserted a zipper along the side seam, but since I could get the top over my head without it I took it out again.

The top, in shape, is similar to the Beach Wedding (Guest) DressHowever, the dress could be worn without showing the bra strap, this top can’t. I’ve camoflaged the bra by wearing a nude coloured one, it works.

Just beacuse the top was made for a stretch fabric it is a bit tight in the bust area. I think it would have worked better if I had gone up a size in the upper half and done the bottom in my regular size.

The front and back are pretty much the same, it is a little less pleating in the back. I really like the neckline, especally in the back. The instructions for the straps were a bit unclear so they’re a bit improvised.

I like the top, but because of the bra showing I might need to wear something over it, depending on the situation. I would wear it to work, but not with the bra strap showing.

Project Summary
Ingelise 2008-08-138
Difficulty:  2/5 (Magazine’s rating). The construction was fairly simple, but the instructions were a bit unclear regarding the straps.
Used woven in stead of a stretch.

Fabric: Printed cotton
Notions: Just thread

Project rating: A quick and simple top! I’m not sure I’d like it in a stretch, it didn’t fall very nice in the magazine. Perhaps I can alter the pattern to make the top more appropriate. For a cheap pattern and leftover fabric I’m pleased with the project


2 thoughts on “Just Floral Top

  1. Is there any way you could get the bra straps to stay in place with safety pins or something?

    It’s a cute top–and kudos to you for using up leftovers on it. I never seem to know what to do with large leftover pieces from my own projects.

    1. The safety pins could be a good idea. It never crossed my mind!

      It feels great to use up all those pieces and getting room for some new ones. I only keep the leftovers that are big enough for a decent project, the others go in the trash!

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